The World Future Society U.S. National Capital Region Chapter is an organization by and for professionals in all industries and all levels of government who prepare for the future by acting today. 

The Chapter provides an independent, interdisciplinary, open forum to learn, explore, develop, produce and promote futures thinking.  Our vision is to be the center for ideas in Greater Washington, D.C. that leverages the resources unique to this region in order to craft better futures for ourselves and our world. To this end we offer a variety of programming, a world-wide distributed magazine Future Takes, and a forum in which to engage other forward thinkers.




Members of the World Future Society-Washington D.C. Chapter may be interested in the Following Event.


2014 Arthur C. Clarke Awards

November 19th, 5:30pm, Arlington, VA

see notice at:




    Material presented at our January 17, 2013 dinner meeting "Lessons from Singapore and the Project on National Security Reform".

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December Events:

Dec 3, 2014        
Book Meeting

 NOT at Politics & Prose

Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies

by Russell Blackford

Location: Contact lsroney@starpower.net for directions and to RSVP

Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm

Fee: Free

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