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Future Takes
( FUTUREtakes was originally a Publication of The World Future Society U.S. National Capital Region Chapter. )

FUTUREtakes is now a publication of the Center for Transcultural Foresight, Inc., Washington DC ( http://www.futuretakes.org/ ).

Peruse through current and past issues. You will find the themes encompassing, the articles insightful and the flavor international.



Links to Future Takes Publications only in html format:

Future Takes Geostrategic Thematic Issue http://www.futuretakes.org/Volume10_no3.html

Future Takes Summer Reading Issue (book reviews) http://www.futuretakes.org/Volume10_no2.html

Future Takes Fourth Trans-Cultural Thematic Issue http://www.futuretakes.org/v10n1_FrontCover.html

fFuture Takes Winter 2009/2010 http://www.futuretakes.org/Volume8_no2.html

Future Takes Spring/Summer 2009       http://www.futuretakes.org/Volume8_no1.html

See ( http://www.futuretakes.org/ ) for past issues re-formatted in html  ( Now including hyperlinks for every article, column, etc ).

Archived Publications in pdf format:

Future Takes, Winter 2008/2009Future Takes, Spring/Summer 2008Future Takes, Winter 2007/2008Future Takes, Fall 2007
Future Takes, Summer 2007
Future Takes, Spring 2007
Future Takes, Winter 2006/2007Future Takes, Late Fall 2006
Future Takes, Summer/Fall 2006 Future Takes, Spring 2006
Future Takes, Winter 2005-2006
Future Takes, Summer/Fall 2005
Future Takes, Spring 2005
Future Takes, Winter 2004
Future Takes, Fall 2004
Future Takes, Summer 2004
Future Takes, Spring 2004
Future Takes, Spring 2003

We are very proud of our publication and it's appointed ISSN number, designating our magazine as an official publication now catalogued by the Library of Congress.

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